Starter’s Kit to Presentation & Problem Solving

Starter’s Kit to Presentation & Problem Solving

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*8 online classes over the span of 2 months
**FREE 2 classes at our venue in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

About the Course

Key Learning Points of this Module:

  • Learn to Research
  • Learn to Create & Present Great Ideas
  • Learn How to Make Individual Presentations
  • Learn to Create Engaging Presentations
  • Learn to Answer Questions Effectively

Price is inclusive of:-

  • 8 online classes over the span of 2 months
  • Conducive Learning Environment, with a MAXIMUM of 20 students per class
  • Teleconference Sessions with Internationally-Recognised Trainers
  • 2 FREE classes at our venue in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur (Optional)
  • Workbook & Notes
  • Access to Online Material up to 4 months after course completion
  • Certification upon course completion


Saturday & Sunday 12 PM – 2 PM
2 PM – 4 PM
4 PM – 6 PM

What brought me to Nous Academy & Events was the combination of my passion for debating coupled with their experience in training some of the best debaters in the country. As I trained under Nous Academy & Events, they helped me realize my potential and showed me the path towards achieving it. Over the time I spent training there, it’s become apparent that they are not just a debating institution, but also my second home; thanks to the trainers that continuously showered me with their guidance and support.

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Rhoshanraj Nadaraj, SMK Kota Kemuning

Learning at Nous Academy has taught me many things about debating and improving my creative and critical thinking skills. Besides that, learning at Nous has helped me improve my confidence and self esteem. The conducive learning atmosphere makes the experience more meaningful. I’ve also made lots of new friends I never thought I would have.

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Adya Soraya AIU-Irsyad International School

The Public Speaking Workshop that Nous Academy hosted taught me a lot of new techniques and made me see public speaking in a different light. I Enjoyed the Experience.

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Yau Yih Lynn, Wesley Methodist School KL

The Public Speaking Workshop was very beneficial and the trainer was very experienced and was able to teach and explain things clearly. I Enjoyed the sessions and to top it all off, there were many fun and humorous sessions that made the workshop that much more interesting!

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Ong Kye Li, Wesley Methodist School KL

The trainer was able to guide me and show me what improvements I needed to make to get better. He was fair and was very kind in the way that he communicated the issues I needed improvement on. He even provided solutions and guidelines for me to bring home and self-improve!

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Anis Farhana Mohd Soji, International Islamic University Malaysia

I feel that it was informative, fun and it was a great experience learning from not only the trainer, but also from the experiences of other participants. This workshop was very unique as it brought together many different people and the trainer was able to harness all those experiences and make learning experiences out of them, for everyone. I will definitely come again.

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Syed Amir Haikal, Sri Ayesha Islamic School

I learnt a lot during the course of this workshop 🙂 The trainer had good knowledge on the subject and was able to communicate information in a manner that was entertaining and informative.

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Yenling Wong, Tsun Jin High School

The trainer was really enthusiastic and we really understood what he is saying. She was skilled at what she does and is a great teacher. She is also really fun and has good knowledge of the subject matter in discussion.

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Sweeney Jennifer Christine, Wesley Methodist School KL

The workshops that I attended at Nous Academy has dramatically helped me to Improve the performance and quality of my speeches!

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Muhammad Adeeb Luqman, Sri Ayesha Islamic School

The workshop was very informative! Brought a whole new perspective to the debating scene for me, for the better.

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Nuramin Hakimi bin Nurhashim, SMK Bukit Jelutong

The trainer was great! They had a lot of experience and they knew how to engage us and make sure we understood the content of the workshop. The ambience was stellar. I felt like I could ask questions at any point and not be judged.

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Koh Ze-Wen, SMK Infant Jesus Convent, Melaka

I’ve always been argumentative and outspoken. And because of my parents’ encouragement for me to join debate, I decided to sign up at Nous Academy & Events. To me, debate isn’t just about being loud and talking a lot. It involves a lot of logical reasoning and the ability to convey your opinions in a persuasive manner. With months of intensive training at Nous Academy, I think my skills have improved a lot. Our trainer conducts training by having a variety of activities and mock debates so training is never really boring. The trainers and students at Nous have a close relationship and we treat each other like a family and it’s a great environment where you can grow and improve together. It takes a lot of time and work to even be an average debater, but training with Nous made that experience a great one.

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Nurul Syakira Mohd Izharudin, Asia Pacific Smart School

Thanks to Nous, I have finally found the self-confidence to speak my mind and find a place where I felt comfortable doing so. My trainer is dedicated at what she does best and is always ready to support her students when necessary. After a year of training, not only have I gained valuable life skills ranging from public speaking to speaking more eloquently to being able to think critically, I have also made many friends from my time training at Nous Academy. So if you want to change your life, this is the place to go.

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Zhafyra Irdina Anuar, Asia Pacific Smart School

Under Nous Academy & Events, I’ve not only regained confidence in speaking on a podium but also learned how to analyse arguments, rationalise, speak clear and well and of course, debate. My trainer is always ready to help whenever I have questions or issues, both in or outside Debates. The knowledge I’ve gained from him isn’t just confined to being use within Debates, but also outside Debates, eg dealing with many people you may meet in the outside world.

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Matthew Xiang, Sunway University

In the year of 2014, I was known as one of the quiet boys in class and only talk to certain type of people but thanks to Nous Academy & Events, I’ve learned how to developed self-confidence especially when I need to give speeches. It helps me think outside the box and teach me to deal with situations under pressure when communicating with people. The memories I have here is priceless and I can never thank the trainers enough for it.

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Muhd Syauqi Shuhaimi, Asia Pacific Smart School

Khadijah, the co-founder and one of the trainers from Nous Academy sparked my interest in debate. Over a year later, that interest has not died down. It has given a much-needed boost to my self-confidence and public speaking skills. The events they have organized, ranging from debate tournaments to training events, were all well run, providing an interactive learning environment for everyone that took part. If it weren’t for their guidance, through workshops and active training sessions, I wouldn’t be the debater I am today, and trust me; the journey with Nous will continue to be a great one.

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Audrey Lee, Asia Pacific Smart School

I’ve been training under Nous for about a year now, and I can definitely say that it’s been a very enjoyable year. My trainer has taught me not only to be a better speaker, but she’s also taught me to think in a more critical manner and to be able to open up myself to different perspectives and viewpoints. Getting to know new people and making new friends, my experience with Nous has been, and will continue to be a great one.

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Ali Azmi, Asia Pacific Smart School

Nous Academy helped kick start SMK Convent Bukit Nanas’s first ever debate club. Their coaches inspired me and my peers to improve our thinking, debating and public speaking skills through their dedication and passion for teaching us. Our vigorous debate sessions paid off when our team won the novice category of Asia’s Debating School Championship 2016, thanks to our coach & founder of Nous, Sheikh Faizal. Without Nous, CBN’s newfound debate club & its confident members wouldn’t have materialized.

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Jasmine Satar, CBN

Nous provided us with the debate training we needed. They not only gave us tips and know hows, but a personalized touch to cater our school and the students’ individualities. I am thankful our school is a part of Nous’s growth and hopefully one day, their success stories. Nous truly has friendly service matched with great debate trainings.

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Nafeesa Fauzi, Debate coordinator, Sri Ayesha Islamic School

Well informed with what’s happening around the globe, connected with the relevant debating bodies and well versed with the skills and art of ‘debate’. Sheikh Faizal is a charismatic trainer and Nous Academy has a training center that is able to tap on any individual’s potential.

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Flora Grace J David. Teacher Advisor, Methodist Boys School Kula Lumpur

As a teacher who is in charge of the Debate club, I am very happy with the methods used by Nous Academy’s trainer to train our students in CBN. He exposes them to various topics and questions them often to keep their mind on edge. Students are always tasked to read up before coming for training and that plays well into the development of some very talented students we’ve had. Even some very introverted students have become very vocal and have been able to express themselves well. They are able to share their views and opinions and for a teacher, that is very positive, as we are able to tap their hidden talent and creativity.

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English Academic Teacher, SMK Convent Bukit Nanas II

It was nothing short of an amazing time during the first training I have ever had with Sheikh Faizal, the founder of Nous Academy three years ago. His intelligence, wit and humor made my training that day and the training I experienced for the next three years interesting and rewarding. Through these sessions, I was taught not just how to debate, but to communicate my thoughts better and to think differently. He not only offered intellectual guidance but also mental support whenever my fellow teammates and me faced any difficulties. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for him and Nous Academy.

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Chen Rou Xin, Catholic High School, Petaling Jaya

I never thought I had a future in debating before I found Nous Academy. They have shown me time and time again that I can always be better than I was before. I feel that, with Nous Academy providing such high quality and dedicated services, they will be able to make so many more realize that same direction I found for myself.

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Hazim Kamarul, KDU University College

When it comes to debating skills and techniques, there are loads of debaters/coaches that talk a good game. But Nous Training helps us to make it happen. They have enabled, coached and given the boys the confidence to engage in debating world and bringing our RMC team great results.

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Habibah Mazlan, Debate Club Advisor & Teacher, Royal Military College.
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