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Head Coach

Maizura Mokhsein

Maizura, or better known as Mai, is one of the most decorated debate coaches in Asia. She has trained thousands of students all across Malaysia; and extended her expertise to training young debaters in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and China. Her coaching has nurtured Asian champions, both on the interschool and intervarsity circuit; and many generations of WSDC national team members, both in Malaysia and South Korea.

As a speaker, Mai is the only person who has debated in four Asian BP Grand Finals consecutively from 2010 to 2013, and she was the first Malaysian to be crowned Asia’s Best Speaker of UADC in 2014. Locally and internationally, she has won sixteen tournaments and countless speaker prizes. As a judge, Mai was on the adjudication core for UADC, Asians BP and Australs, she has judged two Open Grand Finals of Australs, and was the top ranking judge for many tournaments such as Indonesia Debate Open, Malaysia Debate Open and Asian English Olympics.

However, speaker and adjudicator accomplishments aside, she views herself as a coach above all else. She believes that debating is a transformative educational tool for the youth, and she is eager to see how debating changes the lives of others, just as it did hers. Mai has just recently returned from Seoul after a few years of making her mark in South Korea’s debate education scene (and as Assistant Coach for Team Korea 2018), and she looks forward to coaching Malaysia’s next generation of young debaters towards the Championship.

Rest assured, MWS will be in great hands and we look forward to a successful challenger squad for WSDC 2019.

Deputy Coach

Fareez Zahir

Fareez Zahir, is a 7-time National Champion in Malaysia and has achieved some feats in the early days of Malaysian Debating where he reached the World Universities Debating Championship ESL Quarter-Finals, the Asians Octo-Finals & the Australasian Inter-varsity Debating Championship Octo-Finals.

He was also awarded the “Individual Achievement Award for Excellence” & “Anugerah Hakim Berjasa Malaysia by Majlis Debat Universiti-Universiti Malaysia in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

Fareez has 15 years of coaching experience, where he positively impacted many schools and universities alike in Malaysia. His vast experience in coaching has allowed him to inculcate good thinking methods & communication skills across children, teenagers and young adults alike.

He has been actively involved in the development of young debaters, spearheading module development for the training of debating and public speaking in many premier schools like Tengku Kursiah College and Sekolah Datuk Abdul Rahman as well as local universities and colleges such as the International Islamic University of Malaysia & KDU University.

Fareez will be primarily in charge of the Future Squad of MWS so as to ensure the fundamentals of the next generation of debaters to represent Malaysia are well-developed. Rest assured that the future of MWS will be in the best of hands.

Coaching and Curriculum Program Design Consultant

Logandran Balavijendran

Logan is a 2 time Asian Champion and Best Speaker. He was part of the first Asian team to reach the Grand Finals of the Austral-Asian Debating Championships, and the only person to date to twice serve as Chief Adjudicator of the World Universities Debating Championships.

He has extensive experience in debate training, having served as Curriculum Director of the Asian Debate Institute, board member of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA), and developed programs for organisations such as the World Bank and Qatar Foundation. He has debated and judged at numerous international tournaments, and led debating workshops and competitions in over 25 countries (including Mexico, Bosnia, Zambia, Singapore, Botswana, Japan, China, USA, Myanmar, India, Kyrgyzstan and more).

Logan has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering, but loves education. He spent 5 years teaching Engineering and debate in Kuala Lumpur, and another 5 as a Visiting Professor (teaching Debate and Business Communication) in Seoul. He’s also run and led specialist training and development companies in Malaysia and South Korea, using debate to help bankers, engineers and high and middle school students be all they can be.

He currently works as the Learning Strategist at University of Melbourne, where he works to develop learning innovations in higher education, primarily in the digital space.

Logan will be a great asset to the development of the MWS team this year. He will be working closely with Maizura, the MWS Head Coach in the coming months to help prepare the best Malaysian team for the upcoming championships come WSDC 2019.

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