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The committee consists of the 5 following decorated individuals. 

  • Mai Mokhsein
  • Behrad Taadoli
  • Terence Aaron
  • Muhammad Abdul Latif
  • Har Naveenjeet Singh

These selectors are committed to delivering to MWS hopefuls a fair and meritorious selections .

On behalf of the community and the applicants, we thank them for committing their time and effort for MWS and we look forward to meeting the next generation of Team Malaysia!

Mai Mokhsein

Head Coach of Malaysia World Schools,
4 time Asian Finalist

Behrad Taadoli

WUDC Double Octofinalist,
UADC Adj Core

Terence Aaron

Asian BP Quarterfinalist,
Top 10 Adjudicator of Malaysia Debate Open

Muhammad Abdul Latif

IIUM Coach,
Asian Champion


Har Naveenjeet Singh

WSDC Team Malaysia 2017,
Asian BP Semifinalist

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