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Muhamad Haziq Mohd As’ad
Director of Operations and Training Development

From his university days, he has always been an advocate for youth empowerment and believes in youth’s potential to make an impact in today’s world. He was exposed to many experiences in regard to building high competency graduates with university level events, which in turn has given him chance to lead some programs.

Straight out of his alma mater, with a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences (Psychology) from IIUM, he established his own psychological center, specializing in career counselling. Passionate in ensuring students would make informed decisions regarding their enrolment in tertiary education; he set forth in this journey with some partners to ensure high school leavers would have such opportunities. His mindset was set to make known to the youth community of who they truly are and what do really love to do and make an informed decision regarding their study and career plans.

Since 2018, he has been an invaluable asset to Nous, bringing in specialized knowledge in the field of ethical and research-based products, with the newly setup “Nous Career Development Center”.

Khadijah Shamsul
Director of Finance and Business Development

Her passion for changing the world has driven her to start this company with the other partners and she believes that education is the way to go in making that difference. She has dedicated her life to lifelong learning to learn across different industries – Event Management, Corporate Training, Entrepreneurship and Non-Profit Organization – despite having a degree in Accountancy from IIUM.

Her experience in debate and public speaking is built from her active university days as a representative of IIUM in debate and public speaking competitions – representing the university regionally and internationally. She’s fortunate to also be able to curate her debate and public speaking experience through plenty of coaching opportunity such as the Asian Debate Institute Trainer in South Korea.

In her free time, she dabbles in humanitarian work and advocacy for the rights of refugees and migrants. Khadijah is also pursuing Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan Business School.



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